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About Us

Pact Capital stands as a global leader in project development and environmental commodities trading, committed to driving the transition towards low-carbon energy.

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Who are we?

Built on the pillars of integrity, innovation, and transparency, our work proves that climate action can be synonymous with sustainability and profitability. Our comprehensive services encompass trading environmental commodities and instruments in Voluntary Carbon Markets, Renewable Energy Markets and Compliance Markets. This broad-spectrum experience promises US stakeholders unparalleled insights based on the broad ranging and in depth knowledge of the Pact Team across national, regional and international markets.

Pact Capital’s offering doesn’t stop at traditional trading. We take pride in financing select, high-quality projects, including those focused on nature-based carbon removals, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Our mission
Our mission
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We’re using our business to help reduce global emissions, in order to reach a net-zero economy.

Our ventures reflect our holistic approach, where we actively collaborate with stakeholders to optimize carbon revenue and maximize emission reductions and social benefits.

Through this, we not only offset emissions but also champion initiatives that tangibly restore the environment and those affected communities.

Transparency remains our guiding principle as we extend our services to new locations. We are dedicated to illuminating the nuances of environmental commodities markets and the overarching climate trends shaping our world. In a time where the earth needs our help and action, this understanding is no longer optional; it’s necessary for businesses and individuals alike.