Projects Pact Capital is proud to highlight

tree seedling

Afforestation Project

Northern Pakistan

Our afforestation initiative began its journey on October 25, 2022. Since that starting point, we have made significant advancements.

energy saving lighting

Efficient Lighting Project in Rural India


Replacement of ICLs with LED lamps in Gujarat, India.


MK Group Energy Biogas Plant


Pact Capital facilitated the VCS credit development and issuance for a complex biogas cogeneration project in Vrbas, Serbia.

hydroelectric power plant

New Bong Escape Hydropower Project


The 84 MW New Bong Escape Hydropower Project, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Pakistan is a run-of-the river hydropower facility.

power plant

Power Plant Project


This grid-connected combined cycle power plant project in Qadirpur is utilizing permeate gas.

Blade of wind farm

Wind Farm Project


Emission Reduction from Grid Connected 49.5MW Wind Power Plant.