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Pact Capital isn’t just a service provider; we’re your perfect partner on the journey to sustainability and profitability. We are empowered by a call to action in all of our work, an invitation to collectively tread the path towards a just and sustainable future.

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Project investment

Innovative Climate Solutions & Development

Pact Capital is a catalyst for global change. By harnessing our expertise and resources, we’re steering towards a net-zero economy and actively reducing global emissions. We are led by our ultimate goal, to empower companies to diminish their carbon footprint and offset their emissions while maintaining sustainable growth.

Our seasoned team of professionals brings profound expertise in advanced emission reduction technologies, comprehensive project planning, and finance. We actively engage in global projects that significantly contribute to mitigating climate change.

Our projects generate premium carbon credits, each associated with multiple sustainable development goals, thus fostering a genuine transition to a low-carbon economy.

Take a look at our impact through our dynamic project portfolio.

Environmental Instruments

Trading Services

What you need to know about the The EU “cap and trade” system:
The European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), this is a cornerstone of the European Union’s efforts to combat climate change by regulating greenhouse gas emissions. It is the world’s first and largest international emissions trading system and is a critical player in the EU’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

Fuel Quality Directive Market: Upstream Emissions Reduction
Through our leading industry network, we help connect fuel suppliers with project initiators. Our services involve ensuring affordable upstream emission reductions that meet the Fuel Quality Directive standards.

Energy Attribute Certificates
Whether you’re buying or selling certificates related to energy, including guarantees of origin (GO), renewable energy certificates (RECs), or international renewable energy certificates (iRECs), we stand as your dependable partner.

Voluntary Trading
Choose from our handpicked carbon credits portfolio, representing a variety of methodologies, regions, and vintages. Our specialists guide your selection process, aligning projects with your corporate values and priorities. We also manage the retirement of credits and your portfolio, reducing your administrative workload.

Climate Advisory

Empowering Sustainability and Growth

Our commitment goes beyond mere carbon offsetting.

We are dedicated to aiding the transition towards a low-carbon energy landscape and a more sustainable global economy. Our team comprises experts in leadership, trading, operations, and finance who collaborate to formulate tailored advisory services such as trading strategies, minimizing financial risks or ensuring compliance with regulations.

A Holistic Commitment
We recognize the responsibility to curb our own business emissions while inspiring others to follow suit. Our unwavering dedication is to simplify the complexities associated with carbon offsetting, fostering a transition towards a net-zero economy.